nursing home medical legal consultingNursing home and facility litigation is different.  The time-frame is often broad, co-morbidities are often extensive and pre-existing conditions can be problematic.  Accepting these cases can be a very risky endeavor.

Procurement of the medical records is a laborious process and essential for determining merit; do you have ALL the medical records?  How can you be sure you have the entire facility chart???

The medical records can be voluminous; do you really want to spend your time attempting to identify relevant facts in the graphic chart, flow sheet and resident log entries?

Do you know how to establish the critical time-frame?

Do you know the applicable SOC and if it applies?

Is the documentation complete and accurate?

Critical to the case is the resident’s condition prior to facility admittance, prior hospitalizations and hospitalizations during the pertinent time-frame; what conditions are relevant to the alleged injuries or damages??

Utilizing Hester Legal Nursing Consulting to determine merit, identify critical records and facts, and establish complete and accurate documentation will save you and your staff hours of time and aggravation.  As an RN with extensive experience in nursing home and ALF litigation, Hester Legal Nurse Consulting can quickly identify the issues and assist in determining the relevant content which may have resulted from abuse, neglect or negligence.

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Jason Paul Esq

“I have utilized Ms. Hester for a number of years, and could not be happier with the quality of work that she has done for our firm.  Nena is extremely thorough in her review of records and has been able to pinpoint complex medical issues that many nurse consultants I have used would have missed.   Also, Nena has been extremely successful in finding and vetting quality expert witnesses.   I would highly recommend her to any law firm aiming to better understand and more efficiently handle medical issues in litigation.”

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