Personal Injury

Although the lawsuit may not require courtroom litigation, being prepared to take the case to a jury is paramount in personal injury claims.   Determining the extent of the injury as it relates to the impact on a person’s life and future medical care can be a time-consuming task for a person without medical experience or expertise.

personal injury litigation supportPLAINTIFF AND DEFENSE – Critical Questions:

Are there pre-existing conditions, diagnoses or treatment?

Do you have all of the pertinent medical records?  How do you know?

Did you miss the one entry that changed the category from “soft tissue” injury to “hard” injury?

Did you miss the one entry that identified a pre-existing incident, condition, medical/psych evaluation, diagnosis or treatment?

Were all the charges related to the alleged injuries?

Did you identify all the pertinent charges related to the alleged injuries?

Let Hester Legal Nurse Consulting provide a Medical Chronology & Summary Report

The legal team’s best friend – The Medical Chronology.  By utilizing Hester Legal Nurse Consulting to complete the case chronology you can be assured all relevant facts have been documented, pre-existing injuries are determined and missing medical records are identified. Once the chronology is completed, Hester Legal Nurse Consulting can provide you with a concise case summary highlighting the pertinent past medical history, injuries, evaluations, diagnosis, treatment and future medical needs.

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Jim Biggart, Esq.

“Nena does outstanding work.  I’m a lawyer whose practice involves personal injury.  I get Nena involved in my significant high-exposure cases with complex medical issues and she has always given me great reports, analysis, and recommendations.  Most importantly, she explains the medical problems and treatment in a way that lay people can understand, which is critical to lawyers trying to do the same for jurors.  My clients have been thrilled with her work and the results we’ve gotten with her expertise on board.  I highly recommend Nena!”

Jim Biggart, Esq.Tallahassee FLMorgan & Morgan
Harry Graham, Esq.

“Nena Hester is a vastly experienced registered nurse and health care professional, and has applied that knowledge superbly as a certified legal nurse consultant.  She has consulted with a number of lawyers colleagues of mine, and her reviews have been outstanding.  I wholeheartedly recommend Nena as a consultant on personal injury and professional malpractice cases, whether you represent plaintiffs or defendants.  You will get the same objective, professional and honest evaluation of the strengths and weaknesses of your case retrospectively.”

Harry Graham, Esq.Tallahassee FLFasig & Brooks