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Analyze & Organize Medical Records

Without organization and content understanding, critical elements can be undetected and overlooked. What did you miss in the file?

Chronologies and Summary Reports

An accurate chronology and narrative summary isolate the vital medical information, thus providing a time-saving account of events.

Expert Witness Location

Locating the appropriate expert can take a significant amount of time, yet is a critical component. Make sure you have the right expert to position you for the win.

How We Help

Legal nurse consultants are valuable professionals who provide medical knowledge, expertise, and insight in medical litigation.

As Legal Nurse Consultants we can effectively and efficiently:

Analyze and Organize Medical Records

Do you cringe when faced with horrendous handwriting of unfamiliar medical words? How much time do you or your staff spend looking up medical terminology and abbreviations?  Reviewing medical records is time-consuming and labor intensive. Our medical expertise allows us to quickly identify and succinctly organize, the relevant data from the medical records.  A critical component for building the foundation of a case.

Provide Chronologies, Illustrative Timelines and Summary Reports

Essential to winning is ensuring no important medical fact is overlooked.  A medical chronology efficiently captures the relevant details, providing a concise timeline of the medical issues. This time-saving tool gives a comprehensive view of the case, identifying pre-existing conditions, as well as, current medical issues. Our ability to understand the key facts from the chronology allows us to provide a comprehensive, yet concise, summary report.

Expert Witness Location

Determining expertise can be a difficult endeavor.  A significant amount of time and money is spent locating the appropriate expert for a case.  In addition to education and experience, presentation skills and a congenial personality can be critical.  Let Hester Legal Nurse Consulting locate the expert witness who becomes an asset to your litigation team.

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Our Technology

Hester Legal Nurse Consulting utilizes the latest technology and tools to organize major components of the case into easy-to-read chronologies and timelines.  Our tools allow us to link facts, legal issues, and involved parties in relational spreadsheets for ready access and analysis.  This  technology dramatically reduces the time and effort it takes to produce chronologies, illustrative timelines and summary reports.  We can simplify multiple facts and issues into clear, understandable visuals allowing your litigation team and courtroom players to grasp vital case facts quickly.  Utilize your time and resources to your best advantage; hire HLNC as your collaborator and strategist.  As your Legal Nurse Consultant, you will have a strong, thorough, and aggressive advocate to represent you and your client’s interests

What others say about us

Jim Biggart, Esq.

“Nena does outstanding work.  I’m a lawyer whose practice involves personal injury.  I get Nena involved in my significant high-exposure cases with complex medical issues and she has always given me great reports, analysis and recommendations.  Most importantly, she explains the medical problems and treatment in a way that lay people can understand, which is critical to lawyers trying to do the same for jurors.  My clients have been thrilled with her work and the results we’ve gotten with her expertise on board.  I highly recommend Nena!”

Jim Biggart, Esq.Tallahassee FLMorgan & Morgan
Dan Webb, Esq.

“She has helped me turn the tide in two personal injury cases where she reviewed medical records and organized a comprehensive grid of medical treatment.  She is platinum.”

Dan Webb, Esq.New Orleans, LASutterfield & Webb
Jon E. Lewis, Esq.

“I employed Nena to help me locate some experts in the medical field.  Not only was Nena prompt, she was tenacious and after me.  Nena provided me with several options to choose from, and she did the ground work I did not have time to do.  One issue in the legal nurse consulting field is the ability for the nurse to fully understand the issues and be able to relate that to the case and the experts.  Nena had no problem with that, and she was able to find the expert we needed.  Based on my experience with Nena, I would highly recommend her to other attorneys who need nurse consulting work or someone to locate a highly qualified expert for a case.”

Jon E. Lewis, Esq.Birmingham ALLewis, Feldman and Lehane
Harry Graham, Esq.

“Nena Hester is a vastly experienced registered nurse and health care professional, and has applied that knowledge superbly as a certified legal nurse consultant.  She has consulted with a number of lawyers colleagues of mine, and her reviews have been outstanding.  I wholeheartedly recommend Nena as a consultant on personal injury and professional malpractice cases, whether you represent plaintiffs or defendants.  You will get the same objective, professional and honest evaluation of the strengths and weaknesses of your case retrospectively.”

Harry Graham, Esq.Tallahassee FLEubanks, Barrett, Fasig & Brooks
Jeffrey S. Badgley Esq.

“I have worked with Ms. Hester on several cases and I can tell you that your money will be well spent.  Ms. Hester is extremely organized and she gets to the point of the case quickly.  The quality of the experts she has located for me has been outstanding.  Nena Hester understands what medical malpractice lawyers need and she delivers.  You won’t be disappointed.”

Jeffrey S. Badgley Esq.Orlando FloridaBadgley Law Group
Jason A. Paul Esq.

“I have utilized Ms. Hester for a number of years, and could not be happier with the quality of work that she has done for our firm.  Nena is extremely thorough in her review of records and has been able to pinpoint complex medical issues that many nurse consultants I have used would have missed.   Also, Nena has been extremely successful in finding and vetting quality expert witnesses.   I would highly recommend her to any law firm aiming to better understand and more efficiently handle medical issues in litigation.”

Jason A. Paul Esq.Orlando FLPaul and Perkins

“My supervisor and I reviewed your report this morning and it is fabulous!  Exactly what I needed for tomorrow!  I will let you know if it settles, but I anticipate that it won’t and there will be more records for you.  Another compliment for you….your reports are proof-read and well edited.  One of my supervisor’s pet peeves are professional reports with typos, and your reports are so well done.  He was really impressed.”

Stacy Rowell, Esq.Former General Counsel Southeastern Freight Lines Inc -Lexington, SC