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As a Legal Nurse Consultant, let me exceed your expectations.

I am a critical component to your litigation strategy and I can be the key to YOUR success. Medical litigation is risky at best. By collaborating with me, I pledge to use all the resources necessary to properly build your case and provide professional, cost-effective strategies that are fundamental to a successful outcome.  My basic, common sense approach to the complexities inherent in medical litigation provide the competitive edge that work in your favor. The details make the difference.  Let me uncover the hidden medical facts instrumental in successfully resolving litigation.  I guarantee my contribution will prove invaluable.

With over 24 years of nursing experience, I possess the clinical knowledge and experience necessary to thoroughly understand the medical issues in each case. This translates into saving my client time and money, resulting in better organization, preparation, and ultimately, success. Use my Legal Nurse Consulting services and Let Me Exceed Your Expectations.  

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Our firm uses state of the art software to assist in the streamlining of case preparation,

timeline chronologies and fact organization.

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100% of attorneys surveyed agree or strongly agree that Medical Demonstrative Evidence is useful in conveying medical information.

“Nena Hester is a vastly experienced registered nurse and health care professional, and has applied that knowledge superbly as a certified legal nurse consultant. She has consulted with a number of lawyer colleagues of mine, and her reviews have been outstanding”.
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